Sometimes a smiley or a meme isn’t enough to convey your feelings on Facebook. Here we show you how to post a GIF to Facebook.
Facebook has generally maintained a strategic distance from the utilization of GIFs on its informal organization, expecting that alongside its auto-playing video the News Feed would turn out to be excessively jumbled. Be that as it may, Facebook clients cherish an image, and picture and GIFs go as an inseparable unit.
Transferring a GIF to Facebook is straightforward, in spite of the fact that you can’t just join a GIF to your post as you would do a photograph or other picture. Underneath we demonstrate to you orderly best practices to begin utilizing enlivened pictures on Facebook.

What is a GIF?

The GIF is a short vivified picture that plays in a circle, and can be seen anyplace. In contrast with a video, GIFs are much littler records that are more appropriate for review over moderate web or portable associations. It’s speedier to transfer, as well.

Upload Animated Images (GIF) to Facebook

Step 1: As you can’t transfer your own particular GIF records to Facebook, you’ll either need to make your own and transfer it to another facilitating site, or discover a GIF you like on Tumblr, Imgur, Giphy or somewhere else. Open the GIF, then right-tap on the picture.
Step 2: In Google Chrome select the choice to ‘Duplicate Image URL’. In case you’re utilizing Firefox, rather search for and select ‘Duplicate Image Location’. In Opera you need ‘Duplicate Image Address’. Different programs will have marginally distinctive choices, yet in all cases you’re searching for an alternative that permits you to duplicate the URL that takes you specifically to the GIF.
Step 3: Next, log into your Facebook news feed in a new browser window and paste the link into the ‘What’s on your mind?’ status field at the top of the page. You can use Ctrl, V on your keyboard or right-click in the box and select Paste.
Step 4: Give it a second and the GIF will automatically appear below the URL. You can delete this URL or leave it there – it’s up to you.
Step 5: To post the GIF simply click Post – it’s that easy!

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